CPEG creates links between selected universities of the target area as well as individual partner institutions all over Europe in order to establish an expert group of academic institutions dealing with cultural policy education.
CPEG carries our expert studies on the current status and future development perspectives for cultural policy education and training in Europe.
CPEG hosts expert meetings to facilitate exchange and debate on cultural policy education and to encourage the development of up to date curricula on the subject. Institutional members of the group jointly work to develop and sustain high quality standards of professional training in the field.
CPEG provides travel grants to enhance mobility and direct exchange between its institutional members. The CPEG mobility scheme supports fact-finding missions for the exploration of universities, study visits for curriculum development, organisation of guest lectures and other activities advancing communication between the group members.
CPEG runs an electronic newsletter that collects and distributes information on cultural policy study- and training programmes, conference announcements, seminars, calls for papers, research programmes, book reviews and any other news closely related to the field. The Newsletter\'s periodicity is on irregular basis. For subscription to this service use the sign up function in the news section of this site!