This section presents brief profiles of the cultural policy curricula thought at the universities participating in the CPEG initiative:
Estonian Academy of Music, Jagiellonian University, Latvian Academy of Culture, Sofia University, University of Arts in Belgrade, Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts


Jagiellonian University
Name of the Department/Programme/Course: Department of Management and Social Communication / MA Programme ‘Management and Marketing, Specialisation: Management in Culture’
Duration: 2 years


Cultural policy issues are an integral part of the programme ‘Management and Marketing, Specialisation: Management in Culture’. This programme is offered by the Institute of Public Affairs within the Department of Management and Social Communication.

The programme has a 3+2 structure (BA – 3 years, and MA – 2 years), and most of the students follow both BA and MA studies. Within those 5 years the students, among other courses, have to follow courses that tackle various aspects of policy making:

 Public finances – 30 h
 Finances of the local (regional) government and self-government – 30 h
 Economics of culture – 45 hours
 Administrative law – 30 h
 Administrative law procedures – 45 h
 Legal framework of non-profit organisations – 20 h
 Copyright and neighbouring rights – 15 h
 Economic and legal aspects of the European integration process – 30 h
 Partnership with public sector activities – 20 h
 Management of the cultural sector in Poland – 30 h
 Models of cultural policy – 30 h
 Cultural policies and management in Europe – 60 h
 International circulation of culture – 15 h
 Analysis of effectiveness of public cultural institutions – 20 h
 Cultural needs analysis – 30 h

Some of those courses end with an examination. Most of them are seminar-type, where an active participation of students is expected. For some of them students have to complete practical assignments.
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