What cultural policy for the Republic of Moldova?
Building a political culture

A personal - and bitter - view of the current situation in the Republic of Moldova, as well as an - optimistic - attempt to find some - cultural - ways out of this "depressing context". In a post-Soviet country where an unresolved secessionist conflict has lingered on for more than 12 year, blocking the prospect of the rule of law, in a traumatised society in quest of an identity, in one of the poorest European economies, what role could and should arts and culture play in its transformation and democratisation and in the re-building of a national identity? If asked like this, the question holds the seed of a possible answer…

Writer, essayist, literary critic, journalist. Editor in chief of "Contrafort" magazine, Chisinau; president of the Moldovan PEN Club.
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Culture - "on hold"
"Culture is not expected and therefore not required to function in terms of investment, profit, offer and demand, or action and activity with broad social effects. On the other hand, it is also treated as public property, something like natural beauty, as a being capable ofto takinge care of itself, ofto nourishing itself and self-producinge, not needing any special intervention and constant, targeted investments (of money, ideas, initiatives, capable individuals)…"
A diagnosis on the role and place of, and view on, culture in Montenegro, based on the experience of the Nansen Dialogue Centre's project "Platform for a New Impact of Culture in Montenegro", realised in the framework of the Policies for Culture programme. And a plea for a shift from the situation of "active waiting" and acceptance of everything that comes (or doesn't come), to a more pro-active self-management…
Art critic, curator, cultural manager. Director of the Nansen Dialogue Center in Podgorica.
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