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Guide to Citizen Participation in Local Cultural Policy Development for European Cities

a practice-based sourcebook for cultural managers, city officials and European citizens

Policies for Culture experts Jordi Pascual i Ruiz and Sanjin Dragojevic explore the conceptual framework and the theories behind citizen participation in local cultural policy development and the mechanisms of how participation can be realised on the city level.

The guide, benefiting also from contributions from Corina Suteu (foreword) and Philipp Dietachmair (introduction), aims at identifying evidence in the field of participative cultural policymaking in Europe, concretely naming the decision actors in local cultural policies of today.

At the same time it puts forward the theoretical premises that frame the future evolution of local urban policies - those that directly influence the individual’s level of cultural participation and well being.

Authors: Jordi Pascual i Ruiz, Sanjin Dragojevic, Philipp Dietachmair
Foreword: Corina Suteu
Editor: Hanneloes Weeda
Copy editor & production: Stefania Ferchedau
Design, cover and layout: Ioana Nemes
European Cultural Foundation, ECUMEST Association, Interarts Foundation,
Bucharest 2007
English, French and Spanish versions

UPDATE 2008: Albanian, Macedonian, Russian and Ukrainian printed editions.

This publication is available for free and can be downloaded in its English, French, Spanish, Albanian, Macedonian, Russian and Ukrainian versions HERE. A limited number of hardcopies are also available free of charge upon order to ECF.

The arts, politics and change.
Participative cultural policy-making in South East Europe

A collection of papers and case studies commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation and the ECUMEST Association for the Policies for Culture programme

The book documents and builds on the activities of the Policies for Culture programme throughout the region since its launch in 2000 and the results achieved to date.

The book proposes both theoretical reflection and practical examples of cultural policy initiatives. The first part of the book - "Cultural policy in South East Europe" - includes essays on: centralism or decentralisation; transforming regulatory frameworks; rethinking state funding; and the role of the media.

The second part - "The power of local action" - consists of case studies on: cultural policy practices in South East European cities; influencing legislation in SEE; and cultural funding in SEE.

See its Contents for further details.

Editors: Hanneloes Weeda, Corina Suteu, Cas Smithuijsen
Autors: Ela Agotic, Tsveta Andreeva, Odile Chenal, Vesna Copic, Milena Deleva, Philipp Dietachmair, Sanjin Dragojevic, Christopher Gordon, Vjeran Katunaric, Marius Lazurca, Francois Matarasso, Delia Mucica, Oana Radu, Cas Smithuijsen, Corina Suteu, Lidia Varbanova, Yuriy Vulkovsky, Hanneloes Weeda, and Andrea Zlatar.
ECF, ECUMEST, Boekmanstudies, Amsterdam, 2005
English version; 288 p., EUR 29.50.

To purchase this book, please visit www.boekman.nl.
Izkustvo, politika, promiana

The Bulgarian version of "The arts, politics and change" has been launched in November 2005 in Sofia.

The book was translated and published by SemaRS publishing house, in collaboration with the Policies for Culture program and with the support of the Soros Centre for Cultural Policies and Next Page Foundation.

To purchase this book, please contact the publishing house at: semarsh@gmail.com
or contact our Local project coordinator, Tsveta Andreeva at tsvetoma@yahoo.com.

The 'Force of Example' Publication Series
Launched in November 2002, this series presents booklets of successful Policies for Culture action projects of the past years in case study format. This case study series makes available the experience and expertise gained during these projects and disseminates their results throughout the region and beyond.

See below for all issues which have been published in this frame.

Independent culture and new collaborative practices in Croatia. A bottom-up approach to cultural policy-making

The 'Force of Example' Publication Series No. 3
A case study prepared by Emina Visnic
with a contribution by Sanjin Dragojevic
PfC, Amsterdam-Bucharest-Zagreb, 2008
Bilingual version (English and Croatian); 64 p.; free

This case study was originally based on a Policies for Culture action project "CLUBTURE - Policy Forum: Towards a new position for the independent, non-profit and non-institutional cultural sector in the policy-making process", developed between July 2002 – January 2004, and on subsequent follow-ups and connected initiatives undertaken up to 2007.

More about this publication HERE.

Technological Park Culture - Bulgaria

The 'Force of Example' Publication Series No. 2
A PfC case study prepared by Milena Deleva
PfC, Sofia, 2004
Bilingual version (English and Bulgarian); 54 p.; free

This case study is based on the action projects "Technological Park Culture I & II" which were implemented between 2001-2003. The project emerged as a distinctive process of civil society development with the aim of playing the role of both observatory and laboratory in the field of cultural policy development in Bulgaria.

Additional information about the projects is also available in its dedicated pages: TPC I & TPC II.

Local Cultural Strategy Development for the City of Plovdiv - Bulgaria

The 'Force of Example' Publication Series No. 1
A PfC case study prepared by Alena Alexandrova
PfC, Sofia, 2002
Bilingual version (English and Bulgarian); 44 p.; free

This case study is based on the action project "Construction of a local cultural strategy of the city of Plovdiv and setting up an effective structure for an active dialogue" implemented in 2001. The project, widely welcomed in Bulgaria, contribued to a cultural renewal in Plovdiv in the area of local strategic planning.

Additional information about the project is also available in its dedicated page.

How to get a copy?
Please write to info@policiesforculture.org or go to the Downloads page for an electronic version.

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